Frank Powell

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CD's and Merchandise:
* 12 10 1
* Life Looks Better in Neon
* 12 Stories Tall
* Just Plain Folk
* America's Least Wanted
* Let Me Be Frank

Music Videos:
* In Two
* Bad Choice
* Gone to Be a Star
* Brother Could You
Spare a Smile?

* I Made It This Far
* Like You
* Water in My Whisky


Frank Powell

Frank Powell is a singer-songwriter with over thirty years of experience in the music industry. He has performed as a solo guitarist and with various bands at venues ranging from neighborhood bars and coffeehouses to university concert halls. Audiences of all ages not only have a great time at his performances, they also find themselves challenged and inspired by his work - which contains underlying themes of social justice and political activism. His thought-provoking original songs have been recorded by numerous socially conscious artists. [More]

Frank is based in Central Illinois, and available for bookings throughout the Midwest. He is represented by Music Industry Networking. Booking inquiries can be directed to:

NEW CD: 12 10 1
Now Available for Sale on Bandcamp

Friday, April 6 at Houdini's Spirits (Leroy), 8-11pm
Tuesday, April 10 at Winner's Bar and Grill (Bloomington), 6-8pm
Saturday, April 21 at Houdini's Spirits, 8-11pm
Friday, May 4 at Houdini's Spirits, 8-11pm
Tuesday, May 8 at Houdini's Spirits, 8-11pm
Thursday, May 10 at The Town Well (Stanford), 6-8pm

Frank offers all-natural, organic performances with no auto-tuning or computer processing - what you hear is what you get. He writes and performs songs in a variety of musical genres, from folk and country to blues and rock, and the core of his philosophy is his belief that music has the power to make the world a better place. Frank's latest CD, 12 10 1 is available for sale at gigs and to download on